A Break

I guess it’s about time I fill you all in.

We did a total of three cycles trying Clomid, and it didn’t work.

It works for a lot of people struggling with infertility, but it didn’t work for us. We knew we’d only have three months to try it, so we planned a vacation, knowing whether or not we were pregnant by then, we would definitely need a break.

Clomid might be the worst medication I’ve ever taken, and I’ve taken a lot. I lost count of the side effects I experienced, and even though I tried not to read through the extensive list beforehand, I still knew the killer heartburn, hot flashes, and extreme mood swings were all Clomid. It was physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausting. And poor Tim had to deal with it all, too.

We decided March would be a month-long break. It would be free of  medication, free of ovulation and pregnancy tests (a girl can get tired of peeing on sticks very quickly), and give ourselves some time to take a breath before moving on to the next step.

So, we headed to one of my favorite cities in Georgia: Savannah.


I’m not one of those people who wants to do all the things during a trip. Vacation to me means relaxing, sleeping in, and coming home well rested. Basically, when I get home I don’t need a vacation from my vacation.


We took our time getting to Savannah, and we took our time when we got there. No, we didn’t get to see everything. But that’s okay. We walked to every single square last time we went to Savannah, anyway.


We ate good food, went on an obligatory cheesy ghost tour, hung out at bars (including a dueling piano bar), and we relaxed.

And now we’re back in the real world, and the break is over. Here we go.

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scatterbrainWhat inspired you to start blogging? 
I’ve always loved writing essays since grade school. Looking back, I think this was what inspired me to blog. When I started blogging, most of my entries were essays about my life in school and my struggles as a teenager.

How did you and your husband meet? 
My husband and I have known each other since second year high school, but we only became “romantically” involved with each other 10 years   later. Truth is, we never imagined marrying each other because we weren’t “high school sweethearts”.

What is the most fascinating place you’ve ever traveled to? 
I guess I’m going to say Thailand. I’ve been to Thailand twice—first was on our honeymoon in Krabi then recently joined my family to welcome the new year in Bangkok. I think Thailand has one of the best beaches in the world that both my husband and I fell in love with. I highly recommend going to Thailand. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg to spend your holiday there, plus the food is really great!

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What’s in My Bag? (Travel Edition)


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When I go on trips, I like to be prepared… Sometimes over-prepared. I’m definitely over-prepared when it comes to packing makeup!

One of the most important things for a road trip, in my opinion, is to have snacks available. You don’t want to have to make too many stops (especially with an electric vehicle!), so having something to hold you over is important.


We happened to be filling prescriptions at CVS right before our departure, so I decided to grab something sweet for the trip while we were waiting. Of course, I found myself in the candy aisle. I grabbed a couple of SNICKERS® Peanut Butter Squares (I ♡ peanut butter) and a SNICKERS® Almond candy bar.


I also manage to fit my Day Designer in my bag (because I don’t know how to live without it), lotion, lip gloss, sunnies, my Kindle, and, of course, my inhaler.


Our SNICKERS® held us over long enough to get from charger to charger until we reached our destination!

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Blogger Men Tell All — March

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Do you like to cook? If yes, what’s your favorite thing to make?

Yes! I definitely like making a pizzadilla, but I also like to try making and baking new things.

What is the last movie you saw in a theater?

That would be Insurgent, because Becca said we had to.
Wife’s note: Okay, it’s not like we never go to a movie he wants to watch.

Can you name five makeup brands?

Urban Decay, NYX, Maybelline, Revlon, and Too Faced.
Wife’s note: I’m incredibly impressed, and wondering if I talk about makeup too much.

What are your biggest pet peeves?

When Becca steals the blankets at night. She does it in her sleep, and she has a master grip on them. I also hate bad driving and parking.

What are your biggest goals in life right now?

I’d like to sell another company in the future, and have kids.

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