Blogging Every Day?!

First of all, happy day-off-of-work for most of you lucky, lucky people!

I’ve told myself that I wasn’t going to blog every day. I did particiapte in a couple of those “Blog every day in July” prompts, but for the most part, I was determined not to blog on the weekend.

But I need this motivation right now. So, when Whitney announced that she was starting a September challenge, I immediately knew I’d be jumping on board. I may not follow these prompts every single day (as I already have some posts already planned for September), but I’ll be blogging every weekday. Or at least, that’s the plan.

Today’s prompt:  Reintroduce yourself to your readers. Tell us what you want to get out of blogging everyday in September.


So, hi. I’m Becca.

I’m twenty-seven years old (I’ll avoid saying “twenty-something” just because I feel like that’s said a lot in blog world).

You’ve probably caught on that my last name is Dorr (hence the punny blog name), thanks to my husband, Tim. We got married a little over a year ago, on August 17, 2013. There are some posts around here about that.

Tim and I don’t have any kids yet, but we do have a dog and three cats. It’s a lot more work than you think to have so many animals. There’s always at least one who won’t stop meowing at me. If I were going to add another animal to the zoo right now, it would either be a Sheltie or a parakeet. But I don’t think it’s actually a good idea to get a parakeet when we have three cats in the house. Especially since Tres keeps bringing home small animals.

I grew up in Carrollton, Texas (it’s close to Dallas), until the day when my parents packed us up to move to Georgia (closer to family, they said) when I was 10 and my brother was 16. At those ages, in the middle of the school year, it was absolutely traumatic. I always said I wanted to go back, but now that idea seems weird.

I’m not a huge fan of celebrities in general. However, if we’re going back to middle school my male celeb crushes are: Butch Walker, Chad Michael Murray, Shane West, and Nick Carter. Nick almost got bumped off the list after dating Paris Hilton, but I’ve since forgiven him.

I’m a little bit of a makeup addict, as you might notice, especially if you follow me on Instagram. I don’t own as much makeup as most youtube beauty vloggers, but I probably own more than the average person. I spend a lot of time watching those youtube videos, too.

I’m also a self-declared TV addict. I have an app to keep track of my shows, and I’m eager for fall TV to start. We’re so close!!

I don’t like coffee (I really wish I did thanks to Gilmore Girls), but I will have caffeine withdrawals if I don’t get my Dr Pepper. I should probably quit. One day?


Thinking: I’m so tired and for some reason Tim wants me to go to Michael’s RIGHT. NOW. to get craft supplies that he doesn’t even want.

Wearing: Pajamas. Happy Friday!

Watching: Degrassi: The Next Generation, of course. I’m currently on season 9 and they’re talking about HPV. This show covers everything.

Wanting: This next week to fly by. Even the weekend. Yep. You can hate me for it, but I’m not looking forward to this weekend.

Liking: Pictures of pretty work spaces on Pinterest.

Loving: The fact that FALL is approaching. I. CAN’T. WAIT. We’ll just forget about how old I’ll be turning in the middle of that fall, and concentrate on amazing weather, carving pumpkins, and everyone asking me “Where’s your costume?” on Halloween. Love it.

Testing: Nothing, no one. Well, except, I’m wondering how long it will take me to catch up in Degrassi. Can I do it before the new season premieres in October?

Laughing: Tim keeps telling me we’re going to get lunch together but that’s silly because homeboy isn’t eating real food anymore.

The Silver Linings Playbook

August’s Book:
The Silver Linings Playbook
by Matthew Quick




Recently released from a neural health facility (“the bad place”) and still recovering from a traumatic event that has been blocked from his memory, Pat is sure that he can find a silver lining in even the most challenging situation. He also believes he will reunited with the love of his life, his estranged wife, Nikki. Along the way, Pat tries to understand why his family seems to be hiding something from him, why Kenny G’s “Songbird” is one of the few things that makes him want to hit something, and why his new friend Tiffany thinks she can lure Pat away from Nikki. Tragically widowed and clinically depressed, Tiffany challenges Pat’s view of the world, raising poignant questions about hope and love.

My Rating:

I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars. I think it really helped that I had already watched the movie before I started reading the book and I kept picturing this:


and this:


I’ll admit, when I was reading it, the characters seemed slightly different to me. Especially Tiffany. Anyway, the book is so intelligently written and really hits the mental illness nail on the head. I didn’t expect to love the movie so much at the end of it, and the same was true for the book.

Book Club Questions:

1. Watch the movie or play favorite scenes from it. How does the film compare to the book? Were the actors the ones you would have chosen?
I 100% would have chosen Bradley Cooper for this role. He did such a wonderful job of playing Pat’s character. The obsessiveness, the denial — he portrayed it all perfectly. I don’t think that I would have chosen Jennifer Lawrence for the role of Tiffany after reading the book, but JL did a pretty decent job in the book. I just felt like she changed the character a bit.

2. How does the book redefine happy endings? What makes Pat so determined to believe that every cloud has a silver lining?
Pat is determined to have a happy ending with his wife, Nikki. He believes that everything can turn out okay, and he can’t cope with the events of his life without believing that.

3. Tiffany and Pat’s mother, Jeanie, have different approaches to his recovery. Tiffany believes that direct confrontation is best; Jeanie wants to protect Pat from anything that might upset him, including his brother’s marriage to Caitlin. Which approach is better?

I think a direct approach is better. I don’t think that someone can heal and move on without being aware of the truth, especially when these truths will eventually become known.

4. In “An Acceptable Form of Coping,” Cliff and Pat disagree about whether sad books should be required reading for students. Pat says that such books teach kids to be pessimistic. Cliff says, “Life is hard, Pat, and children have to be told how hard life can be…so they will be sympathetic to others.” What’s your opinion? What books were you drawn to when you were younger?
I agree with Cliff. I think that youth are naive and believe that things will always pan out, and they need to be taught to prepare for failure and unexpected bumps in the road. I think that I was drawn towards books with happy endings when I was younger, but now I have a greater appreciation for more realistic stories.

Would I recommend to a friend? Absolutely! Even if you’ve seen the movie.