Happy Halloween!


This weekend is going to be awesome, but I guess we’ll talk about that after it has already happened.

This week has been really, really busy.

Monday: I went to hang out with Megan & Melissa for a bit. Hanging out with blogging buddies is da best (which is why you should totally go to a blogger meetup).

Tuesday: I met Candence (my SIL) for lunch to give her Finley’s Minnie Mouse ears that we got at Disney World. And, you know, because I kind of like hanging out with her.

We went to carve pumpkins with some friends Tuesday night:

2014-10-28 22.24.59

Wednesday: Melissa and I took a peek at GlowDry, where we’re having our Atlanta Blogger Meetup Sunday. It’s an awesome space and got us so excited!

2014-10-29 14.51.34


I also practiced Nicole’s Halloween makeup Wednesday night. I’d show y’all but… Well, you can just wait and see.

Thursday: I got to see Finley in full Minnie Mouse costume for her preschool’s parade. It was really cute, even though Finley got upset and wanted her Daddy (no one else) while the wagon was pulling her away. Piper was in costume too, but she was just chillin’.

2014-10-30 11.40.19 HDR 2014-10-30 11.45.51Favor

Today, I’m trying to recharge and collect myself (organize maybe?). It has just been a crazy two weeks, and I feel very behind on just about everything. Life should slow down soon, and I might collapse on Sunday around 5 pm. I’ll see y’all after said collapsing.

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I Sing in the Shower

I start my days right.

With music.

Back in the days before iPods, I kept a small boombox in my bathroom to play my burned CDs with an assortment of random songs. I turned the volume all the way up to MAX and sang along as loud as I could. My parents hated it.

Technology advanced, and I eventually used my iPod Nano with a little plug-in speaker. Of course, once smartphones and Spotify became the norm, I plugged that into my speaker. But my music collection was too big, and I wasn’t ever able to skip through songs. So, I had to endure Jon Secada’s “If You Go” just because I’d added it to my music two months prior, even though I wasn’t really in the mood to hear his jam.

Last year, I decided it was time for an upgrade. I found a Splash Shower Tunes bluetooth speaker that could go in the shower! And I could SKIP SONGS. And I could answer phone calls, but I haven’t really done that (yet).

This speaker gets plenty loud, but I can control the volume by holding down the skip buttons. There are no batteries; I simply charge with a USB cord when it’s time (it tells me by beeping and a blinking red light). The charge lasts a long time, too!


Because I liked this speaker so much, I’ve since ordered another as a gift, but I thought I’d offer one to you guys, too!

Enter to win a Splash Tunes bluetooth speaker below!

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I purchased this product for myself, but FRESHeTECH is providing the giveaway prize.

Announcement: Atlanta Blogger Meetup

I’m SOOO excited for this weekend.


Halloween? No. Well… Yes, but no.

The annual Cat Show in Gwinnett? No, not this year.

We’re having our Atlanta Blogger Meetup this Sunday!

I have to tell you guys, last time we had a meetup, I was so incredibly nervous to meet a whole bunch of ladies that I met online. (Is that how it feels to meet guys from Tinder?) But it was awesome. There’s nothing like blogging friends, y’all.

8.6.14 Meetup

8.6.14 Meetup

If you are a blogger in the Atlanta area or you have a friend who is, head here to register for this weekend’s meetup! It will be a great time.


$6 to register online beforehand
$8 at the door


Brownie Brittle
Moxie Makery
PLA Beauty
InkSpot Workshop