Blogger 2 Blogger Book Club: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

You may or may not notice this about me, but I like to read. Back in the day (when I was ~10 years old) I would read several hours each day, dreading the time when I was forced to put whatever novel I was reading down. Then high school happened, and mandatory reading happened, and I no longer loved reading. Instead, I was forced to read books I didn’t love and find metaphors that the author never intended. I stopped reading. That is, until just two years ago, when I expressed interest in reading The Hunger Games, and Tim lent me his dusty Kindle (which he never saw again). And so, when Kelly announced that she was starting a blogger book club, I got really excited. After all, we’re combining two of my favorite things to do.

Up first, July’s book:
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
by Ransom Riggs




Jacob, a young teenage boy, undergoes therapy in attempt to rid his mind of the monsters he swears he saw while witnessing his grandfather’s traumatic death. Instead, he decides to dig deep into the depths of his grandfather’s past, visiting the small island where his grandfather spent his youth at a strange orphanage. As Jacob investigates the old home, he uncovers old photographs, some matching those his grandfather own, that prove the children of this orphanage were anything but ordinary, and may even still be alive.

My Rating:

I gave this book 3 out of 5 stars (keep in mind I’m stingy with my stars) because while I enjoyed it toward the middle, the beginning and end were slow-going. Honestly, it’s kind of a weird story. I’m not sure how this story could continue on to a second book, and I may or may not attempt to read that one. The strange photographs (which apparently are real vintage photographs found in flea markets and estate sales) made the book better than it would have been.

Book Club Questions:

1. What effect did the photographs have on how you experienced this novel? In fact, what was your reading experience of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children? How did it make you feel? Were you disturbed…or fascinated…or something else?  Did the book hold your interest? 
The photographs definitely made this novel more eerie. I was initially disturbed, and expected the children to be more haunting (which I probably would have enjoyed more), but later on the children seemed normal and boring. 

2. What’s wrong with Jacob Portman? What’s his problem?
Jacob has a weird genetic thing going on. He’s also really unhappy with his life, which is made clear by his choice at the end of the novel.

3. What about Abe Portman, what kind of character is he? What kind of a world does he create in his stories for young Jacob? Why do the stories intrigue Jacob so much?
I feel like we didn’t learn a lot about Abe, but the description of him once we learned the truth about his hunting trips reminded me of Sam & Dean from Supernatural. I’m unsure as to why he told Jacob (or even Jacob’s dad) these stories. Did he know that his children might share his gift?

4. As he moves into adolescence, why does Jacob begin to doubt the veracity of his grandfather’s stories? In what way does he think they may be connected to Abe’s struggle under the Nazis?
Jacob assumes that Abe’s stories are materialized from his struggles during WWII, and a coping mechanism to deal with all the horrors he faced.

5. Are you able to make sense of the “after,” the time loop? Can you explain it? Do you enjoy the way Riggs plays with time in his novel?
The time loop, and the time after the time loop “slipped” made  sense to me. But maybe that’s because I’ve watched and read too much sci-fi. The day that they were living over and over again did not reset, and instead they went on to live the time that they had not lived. Kind of like the end of Groundhog Day. I actually wished Riggs had described this time loop a little more, not just explaining it, but encountering the problems it might cause. The withering apple was a good example, but I would have liked to have seen more issues arise.

Would I recommend to a friend? Yes, just be prepared for some weirdness. :)

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Why I Don’t Like Cats


Yeah, I said it. I don’t like cats. Despite my weird affection for Tres and unconditional love for all three of them, I don’t like them. I will always be a dog person, and never a cat person. Here’s why:

They shed | You don’t realize how much they shed until you have three of them. Why can’t they just keep their fur to themselves?

They’re mean | All the hissing and growling is funny sometimes, but other times it’s just rude. So rude.

They’re probably evil | And the video below proves it:

Their pee is definitely evil | And I don’t know why, but Dos just feels a serious need to pee on things.

They will NOT STOP MEOWING | They want in the room, then they want out of the room, and then all of a sudden they ned you to know that their food dish is empty even though you just filled in 30 minutes ago.  Also, Dos feels the need to announce his presence repeatedly when he comes back inside.

They’re camera shy | They do funny things, but they stop the second I hold up my phone to record it. Buttheads.

They never cuddle when you want to | A cat will make biscuits like crazy right on your stomach when you’re desperate for sleep, but if you actually want to cuddle with a cat, that’s the moment he needs his independence.

I’m allergic | Yes. We have three cats and I’m allergic to all of them.



1. Your blog’s name is “Our Nashville Life”. Do you enjoy living in Nashville? Do you plan on staying there for a long time?
I have lived in the Northeast, Houston, and Wyoming.  Out of all the places I lived Nashville has been my favorite!  I’ve lived here for six years, which is the second longest I have ever lived in one place.  I love that Nashville gets all four seasons and that the city is not too big, not too small.  I really do miss living by the ocean (the seafood!!) and I tell Shawn all the time I want to move to the coast of Georgia or South Carolina.  Hopefully we make it there someday!  Shawn has lived in Tennessee for 25 years though, so I have a lot of convincing to do.

2. How did you meet your husband, Shawn?
Shawn and I actually met on through a mutual friend when I was living in Texas and he was here in Nashville.  We were “online” friends for over 5 years before I flew to Nashville to meet him.  Less than three months after that first meeting, I packed up my life and moved here to be with him.

3. You, like me, wanted to elope rather than have a wedding. Besides the hefty price tag, would you now say that the wedding was worth it, or would you still elope?
I hated every single thing about my wedding.  My gut told me to elope and I should have listened.  If I could go back in time, I would have fought a lot harder to just head off to Vegas.

4. Tell me about Marco. When did he join the family?
Shawn and I actually wanted a pet for years but we lived in a super small apartment with another roommate so it wasn’t the right situation.  When we bought our house 2 years ago, one of our “must haves” was a large yard with a fence just so we could get a dog.  After we moved in, for the next three months we spent every Saturday visiting animal rescues where we would fall in love with a dog, only to be told that we were nice but they decided to place the dog in a home where there were kids.  Finally in September of 2012, I received a call from Shawn while I was at work.  He had gone to the animal shelter, saw Marco, and brought him home.  Marco is pretty much my greatest love ever.

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July Favorites


Can you believe this month is almost over? The month has FLOWN by and I feel like I completely missed it. It’s been one with mixed feelings, good times, and a lot of favorites.

Favorite Makeup:

I (shockingly) haven’t purchased a lot of makeup this month. I bought L’Oreal’s Voluminous Miss Manga mascara, which I loved more than I thought I would, and I repurchased Revlon’s Nearly Naked Foundation, which I’ve been using more often this summer. I’ve been using my Naked Basics palette a lot and am loving NYX’s blush in Cinnamon for a bright summery look.

Favorite Games:

At the beginning of the month I was still playing a lot of The Simpsons: Tapped Out, but I’ve gotten bored with it and have moved on to TwoDots, which apparently the rest of the world is obsessed with as well. It’s probably the first game that I haven’t wanted to mute.

Favorite Places: 

Everywhere in St. Simons? Particularly the beach. And Southern Soul barbecue. Because it’s amazing. I’m usually a homebody and all I want to do is go back. TAKE ME BACK.


Favorite Song:

“Hard Out Here” by Lily Allen, hands down. I heard it in the beginning of a “Mistresses” episode and I was like I LOVE IT OMG and I googled it and quickly added it to my Spotify playlist.

Favorite TV Show:

Young & Hungry” is a new favorite, easily. I’ve noticed that ABCFamily has had a few leading ladies (Melissa Joan Hart) who aren’t stick thin but gorgeous and I’M LOVING IT. DIFFERENT BODY TYPES. YEAH.

young and hungry

Favorite Book:

Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes was definitely my favorite for the month. I didn’t expect to like it so much and I was able to “borrow” it from Amazon for free!


Favorite Blog:

It’s hard to pick just one, you know? And I’ll admit, I’ve had a really hard time keeping up with blog reading lately. But my favorite pick for this month is Meg O. On the Go. Because she’s awesome.

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 9.22.41 PM

Favorite post I wrote:

Why Was I in Such a Hurry? I was a little hesitant to post this one, just because it was ch-ch-cheesy, but I felt like a lot of others would relate. And I was excited to see that it was read (or at least skimmed) a good bit, because it was a little more personal than I usually get.

What were some of your favorite things this month?


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