For the first time in a minute, the sun is shining, and that makes today a WONDERFUL Friday.

Stuff on my mind this week:

This week, we didn’t place in trivia. :(


THE dress (you know, the one that everyone is talking about) is obviously actually a black & blue dress (other pictures of it have been posted), but in the viral photo, I see white and gold. For the record. Apparently there’s a science to it, but I think some marriages might end over this argument. Not mine, though.

Christina Aguilera killed her impression of Britney Spears. That is AMAZING. I’m still not over it.

The Oscars, and pretty much every award show ever (which I don’t usually watch) gives the public an opportunity to make fun of celebrities for not wearing exactly the right thing in your opinion. However, Giuliana Rancic took it a little too far on “Fashion Police”. The good thing is, her apology was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

I still haven’t watched 50 Shades of Grey, and I’m probably not going to see it in theaters, because movie theater tickets aren’t cheap these days, and I can’t stand the idea of wasting it. Sorry.

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February Beauty Boxes

February 2015 Beauty Boxes

A year or two ago, I canceled Birchbox. I was tired of getting the same foil packets, and I wasn’t a fan of how only some subscribers would get the most coveted items in their boxes (#notfair). I dumped it in favor of Ipsy, which I have kept since! Recently, I decided to jump back into Birchbox to see if their boxes had improved, and I added Beauty Box 5 to the mix, too… Just for fun.


February 2015 Beauty Box 5

Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow in Vanilla Frosting • $22.50, full size 
The color is really light and shimmery, which is good for an inner corner highlight. However, I am not usually a huge fan of loose shadows. Also, I expect high end shadows to be a little more on the expensive side, but this is even a good bit more expensive than a MAC shadow.

Revlon Colorstay Nail Enamel in Velvet Rope • $3.99, full size 
It’s a nice color (I’d love it more for Autumn), and I haven’t had a chance to try out Revlon’s nail polishes in the last 10 years, so I’m fairly pleased to have this in the box.

Absolute New York Love Lip Balm in Strawberry • $5.00, full size 
This smells really, really good. And that’s what matters, right?

Avon Big Color Eye Pencil in Sunkissed • $3.49, full size 
I haven’t really been a big fan of these jumbo eye pencils since 1999 (minus NYX Milk, obviously), but I do feel like Avon should have offered up a more flattering color. I don’t think I can put this on my eyes without looking sick. We’ll see.

Freeman Beautiful Body Wash • $2.99, full size 
A pouch of body wash. I’ll never use this.

I hate to say it, but this is month two of this box, and I’m not super impressed. I do like that they were all full-size products, but I don’t think that any of them were anything to get excited about. Unless March’s box is UH-MAZING, I probably won’t renew once my three month subscription is up.


February 2015 Birch Box

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara • $24 for full size, sample size in box
Now that’s what I’m talking about. I love that Benefit and Birchbox teamed up to allow us to try out Roller Lash way before it’s even available to purchase! This stuff might be able to compete with Clump Crusher. I love the brush, it gives my lashes curl, and it’s not clumpy.

MINU Shampoo • $25 for full size, sample size in box
This shampoo is obviously designed for colored hair, which I do not have. However, it smells good, and I’m glad to see it’s in a bottle rather than a foil pouch.

MINU Hair serum • $23.50 for full size, sample size in box
NOOO not a foil packet! Here’s another product for colored hair that I actually have no use for.

COOLA Mineral Sunscreen Natural BB Cream • $36 for full size, sample size in box
Not surprisingly, this stuff was way to dark and orange for my skin tone. And just putting a little bit on my hand, I think I used almost the entire sample.

Harvey Prince Hello, Limited • $55 for full size, sample size in box
I feel like if you subscribe to a beauty box or two, you probably have tons and tons of these tiny things laying around. This stuff smells good.

Gilchrist & Soames London Collection Body Lotion • $16 for full size, sample size in box
I typically expect lotion to be smelly, but this smells like nothing with a hint of Clorox. As a lotion, it doesn’t seem to hydrate my skin in a special way.


February 2015 Ipsy Glam Bag

ModelCo BLUSH Cheek Powder in Peach Bellini • $22, full size
This color is peachy with some gold shimmer. It might remind you of a certain NARS blush. It’s very blendable and pigmented.

CARGO Cosmetics Mini Lip Gloss in Anguilla • $16 for full size, sample size in box
This gloss isn’t sticky — which is HUGE, but I’m not a huge fan of the smell, and the color kind of washes me out. I think you’d have to have a very specific skin tone to pull this off.

Eva NYC Up All Night Volumizing Spray • $24 for full size, sample size in box
I liked this a lot more than I expected! It gave my hair a little volume without residue.

“Pencil Me In” Cosmetics Natural Eye Liner Pencil in Amethyst • $6.99, full size
Props to the company for sending a usable color eye liner. A dark purple is a great color, because it’s one I don’t already have, but I can still use it without looking like something’s wrong with me. I also love that these pencils come with a sharpener on the lid.

Luxie Beauty Large Angled Face Brush • $16, full size
This brush is super soft and I love the rose gold. It’s also synthetic, so I’ll be considering buying brushes from Luxie in the future!


It’s hard to choose between Ipsy and Birchbox this month,  but I think Birchbox might have won with that Roller Lash!

What do you think? Which beauty box do you love most?

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February Favorites

I know February is a short month, but wow. This month flew by. I feel like I say that every month, but whatevs. I’ve been a little more absent from this blog than usual, and that’s just because it’s been a rough month. I’ll get into that a little more… later.

For now, I’m going to reflect on my favorite things this month.


Makeup • I’ve been loving my new Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate palette. I definitely think I need to play around with it a bit more, but it’s just so pretty. And it helps that it smells like chocolate.

Valentine's Day Haul

Valentine’s Day Haul

Games • Now that Sims 4 is FINALLY available for Mac, I’ve got my eye on it. Which means, I probably won’t be very productive once I get it.


TV • I’ve been watching The Fosters on Netflix. I didn’t think I’d like it, but it turns out it’s alright for an ABC Family show. However, I am not a fan of Callie’s back and forth between Wyatt and Brandon. It’s almost as bad as Scandal’s Olivia and Jake/Fitz.


Books • I recently finished up Dark Places, and I really enjoyed it. The first half of it was heavily creepy, but I honestly felt like after awhile, it was okay to read before bed. I looked up who the cast for the movie is after I finished, and I was kind of surprised!


Music • I’ve had “Thinking Out Loud” stuck in my head for days. And the video? It’s seriously impressive.

Post • Like I said before, I haven’t posted quite as much as I normally do, but my favorite would have to be It’s Not That We’re Not Happy For You. It was my most honest post, and it seemed as though a lot of others could relate.

Blog • I’m loving Because I Said So. Allison recently updated her design and has been cranking out some awesome content!

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 1.05.56 PM

What are some of your favorite things this month?

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