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 I feel so much better. I mentioned before I felt so crappy on Clomid, and I’m happy to say that with some adjustments, I have felt tons better. *knock on wood* Life certainly hasn’t “settled down”, but it’s a lot easier when I don’t feel like crap.

 Tinkerbell isn’t running away from me as much. I think the real reason is, I’m the one who’s giving her a bath every week now, instead of Tim. She kind of loves it. And treats. Treats don’t hurt.


 I’ve been watching old school Boy Meets World (currently season 2) and it’s making me appreciate Girl Meets World so much more. I mentioned this on Twitter last night, but you can get the entire series on DVD for $60. That seems like a steal to me.

 I’m looooving the Lillian Eve Duo Box. I was sent April’s box, and the polishes are so high quality. A lot of nail polish peels right off my nails in a few hours, but not these!

Lillian Eve April Duo Box

 I got to take advantage of the Sephora VIB sale! I only stocked up on some basics, but for me, it’s the perfect time to do so. I’ll save the pretty new things for an occasional splurge.

I hope you have an amazing weekend! Live it up and enjoy it!

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Just a Little Louder

I’ve always been a shy person.

When I was little, my mom would scold me for remaining silent as strangers awkwardly kept saying “hello!” to me. I refused to acknowledge their greeting. She said I was being rude.

In middle school, a really cute boy (don’t worry — he’s not as cute now) wrote in my yearbook, “Hey Quiet Girl, H.A.G.S.!” Quiet Girl. Someone else referred to me as “Smart Girl” in the same yearbook. I’m not sure if I was so quiet they forgot my name, even though it was written in my yearbook.

I’ve always been shy and quiet. I still am, especially in large groups or around people I don’t know so well. It’s just who I am, and it takes me awhile to loosen up and open my mouth.

This is, in part, caused by anxiety. I have a fear I’ll say the wrong thing and/or someone is judging me. I feel like this is a pretty common fear, but it’s magnified for someone with anxiety. You even start to realize that your silence is awkward and your heart starts racing and your palms become sweaty because there’s no good solution now… You get the picture. You could also say this is largely due to insecurity.

I’m no exception; I am one of many, many women who struggle with insecurity. With body image. With acceptance. With relationships.

Being married — or even being in a secure relationship — can change you.

I’ve noticed a slight change in myself since getting married, and it is so slight, I’m not sure if my close friends, family, or even Tim have noticed. I have a little bit of a leg up. I’m a tad more confident. I’m a little more willing to step outside my comfort zone. Not often — don’t get crazy — but every once in awhile.


I’m confident at least one person in this world doesn’t think I’m too awkward, and isn’t judging me. Enough to marry me. By choice (that’s important).



Don’t get me wrong; my self worth isn’t determined by a man. I’m still the same. I’m still shy, and I still worry about people judging me. But I know when I go home, even if I am a total social failure, I won’t be alone.

So, thanks to my support system, I walk just a little taller, I speak just a little louder, and on occasion, I even take a few more risks. And by risks, I mean, I’ll order something besides a cheeseburger at Chili’s.

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13 Shows I Forgot to Tell You About


Okay, in my defense, when a show starts up in the middle of March or April, I get thrown off, and I kind of don’t expect it to last. And sometimes, I just miss the memo.


Secrets and Lies • GUYS IT’S RYAN PHILLIPPE. I can’t be the only one who was excited to see him on TV. While I don’t see how this show can last long, I like it alright for the time being. It premiered March 1 on ABC.


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt • I did mention this in a Friday Favorites post, but it hasn’t made a TV post yet. This show was originally set to air on NBC this spring, but it was sold to Netflix. This was GREAT news, because it meant I could watch the entire first season in three days. And I did. Don’t you worry though, it’s already set for season 2.

American Odyssey • This one is brand new, and premiered April 5 on NBC. According to wikipedia, “it revolves around the discovery of a major US company that has been funding Islamist terror groups and the coverup that occurs after a team of American soldiers are attacked and killed by private military contracts sent by the same company.” It has Anna Friel from Pushing Daisies.


Younger • I loooove this show! Not only is Hilary Duff in it, but Sutton Foster from Bunheads is the main character. Sutton plays a recently divorced 40-year-old who pretends to be in her 20s to land a job. It’s fairly new, and premiered March 31 on TV Land.

Silicon Valley • I started watching this show last year when its first season was almost over. The second season just started up. Basically, it’s about six guys who found a startup company. And it’s hilarious.

Bates Motel • This was briefly mentioned in my post on Netflix binges, but it deserves a little more mention. It’s currently in its third season on A&E, and it’s basically a prequel to Psycho. Expect creepy things.

The Returned • If you’ve heard of Resurrection on ABC, The Returned is very similar, but I say it’s way, way better. It just premiered March 9 on A&E.


Eye Candy • I have to admit I started watching this because it starred Victoria Justice as a hacker. It’s pretty cheesy and silly at points, but I enjoyed the 10-episode season on MTV.

iZombie • This was mentioned in March Favorites, but I’m still loving it, y’all. Zombies and humor go well together.

One Big Happy • I’m not sure if this one will last, but… It’s about a lesbian and her best guy friend deciding to have a baby together right around the same time that guy decides to elope. You know, the typical silly sitcom. It premiered March 17 on NBC.

Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce • A self-help author finds solace in new friends and adventures as she faces an impending divorce. Lisa Edelstein and Paul Adelstein star in this, making it awesome.


Hindsight • I’M OBSESSED. OB-SESSED. I was shocked to learn that this gem of a show is on VH1. It premiered on January 7, finished its first season March 11, and is RENEWED for a second season! praiseemoji If you like 90s music, and “what if?” scenarios, you’ll love this.

American Crime • This show has me a little confused with its weird format, but it’s interesting. “The show follows the aftermath of a murder in Modesto, California. War veteran Matt Skokie is killed during a home invasion in which his wife, Gwen, is brutally attacked.” It follows the victims’ and suspect’s families.

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