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This week was my week. Last week after I updated y’all on our upcoming IVF procedure, I just kind of fell into a funk. It was hard for me to find motivation and inspiration, but I rested up over the weekend and showed up this week.

Twilight let you guys know she has a case of mange, which is, I think, more stressful for me than her. She’s really itchy, but I feel so bad for her when I see all her missing fur. It also means special baths every few days to relieve some of that itch, which I of course am in charge of, along with her medication. She’s worth all of it, with her sweet puppy kisses, but it’s still stressful.

2015-06-17 15.18.37

– We saw Jurassic World on Wednesday night, and it did not disappoint! I know some were not impressed, feeling like the original was far better. But I don’t think anything can ever beat the original. JW was still well done!

– I listened to the best Taylor Swift mashup I’ve ever heard nonstop this week. These two songs are better together. Big Machine already pulled it from YouTube, because they apparently still don’t want anyone to listen to her music.

– I’m obsessed with the bracelet from my Rocksbox this month. My tiny wrists usually cannot hold onto bracelets, but this one is PERFECT. Should I keep it?

c/o Rocksbox. Get your first month of Rocksbox FREE using promocode BECOMINGADORRABLEXOXO.

c/o Rocksbox. Get your first month of Rocksbox FREE using promo code becomingadorrablexoxo.

– I think I might win the Workweek Hustle challenge on Fitbit. One of my friends keeps winning it EVERY week, with me just barely behind. I CAN DO IT.

I hope you have a fabulous Friday and weekend! What are your plans? Are you seeing your dad Sunday?

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Twilight Takes Over the Blog!

Hi! I’m Twilight. You may have already heard about me, but I’m the newest member of the Dorr family!


My new mom and dad adopted me from a rescue group, so I’ve been living in a nice home with other dogs all along. I’m lucky. I’m half Border Collie, and we’re not completely sure what kind of dog my bio dad was, but my doctors have guessed he might have been a Lab. This combo means I’m sweet, smart, and have cute ears. I’m not trying to brag; I’m just stating facts.

2015-05-11 17.46.16

The rescue group called me Brach’s, like the peppermint, because my bio mom’s name is Peppermint Pattie. All my brothers and sisters had minty names, too. My new mom and dad didn’t love my old name, so they renamed me Twilight. Before you ask, my name has absolutely nothing to do with vampires, but apparently it has a little to do with some pony who has a star on her hiney. I have a white star on my chest, so it totally makes sense. I like my new name because I’ve never met another pup — or human — with the same name.


When I first came to my new home, the bigger dog made me a little nervous, so I hugged my new mom really tight while she held me out of the other dog’s reach. Once the other dog stopped trying to sniff me and get in my bubble, I was ready to play! We didn’t stop for hours, and ever since then, we play every day until she gets tired. She’s a little old.

11250141_10101306868257459_2781264864261547495_n (1)

There are other things in this house, too. They’re not pups like me, but they do have four legs and tails. Whenever I try to play with them, they make an awful noise and swat at my nose, but they won’t actually play. I think they like me, because they rub up against me when I’m sleepy.

I’ve already had another vet visit, even though I’m only 3 months old! I have mange right now, so I’m really itchy and I’ve lost some fur. My mom and dad and new doctor are giving me medicine to fix it, and my skin is already a little less itchy. The doctor says I got this from my bio mom. I’m not loving my new look, but Mom says my fur and my white star will grow back in no time.

2015-06-17 15.18.37

I’ve already learned to sit, stay, give my mom my paw, and I know words like “kennel”, “upstairs”, and “up”. I’m pretty much potty trained, but sometimes I can’t hold it long enough for my mom or dad to let me out! I wake my mom up really early every morning to go outside, and because I’m HUNGRY. I’m a growing pup!


Are there any other dog bloggers on here? I’ve seen the one on TV but I can’t seem to find his website.

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