I love being short.

I’m not the shortest person ever, but I am indeed a few inches under average height. 5’3″, actually.


And while I often hear people complaining about their small stature  – “UGH, I’m so short!” I actually kind of like it. Except for when I’m at a concert or a show. Tall people, please slump down in your seat a little more. Kthanks. Anyway, here are all the reasons I like it:

I like being close to the ground. I’m actually kind of afraid of heights. Even if I stand on a chair I start to panic after a few minutes. Climbing a ladder is like the worst thing ever. Can I get down now? This is part of the reason why I can’t walk in heels.



I get to be lazy. I can’t reach it; you get it. Of course, this can be problematic if no one else is around, but then you just get a work out before dinner. When I went to KSU, I lived in an apartment with three other short girls, and we didn’t use the two top shelves in any of our kitchen cabinets.


Small feet. Kinda. I’m a size 7. One of the most average shoe sizes My SIL’s feet are so small that she can even shop in the kids’ section.


No one will expect me to be good at basketball. Which is really good, because I cannot catch a ball that is flying at my head. I blame my brother, who used to aim for my face when I was little.


Most dudes are taller than me. Which is awesome when you’re in the dating world, just because a lot of women don’t like to date men shorter than them. But in general, I just like to be surrounded by people taller than me. I feel safe and secure.


Pants are never too short. Now, my pants might drag on the ground, but if I really cared, I could get them hemmed.


People look down on me. You might think that’s a bad thing, but it means that people are constantly looking at me from a MySpace-esque angle. And we all know that’s more flattering. Right?


All the leg room. Flying’s not painful for my legs, because I’ve got plenty of room. That doesn’t mean it isn’t super annoying when the person in front of me leans their seat back as far as they can, though. Rude.


I’m less likely to bump my head. Don’t count on it, though, because I’m super clumsy.


I’m better at limbo. I mean, I’m better than like a 6 foot tall person.


So, my legs may not “go on for days”, it may be more obvious when I gain a few pounds, and capri pants won’t ever work for me. But I like being short, and if it’s cool with you, I think I’ll stay down here.

Are you short? Tall? Would you change it if you could?

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Oh, the pollen.

If you don’t live in Georgia and you don’t follow me on twitter, you might not know about Georgia spring. You see, it is gorgeous, and it’s so warm it’s almost like an early summer. There is just one HUGE downside: pine pollen. Yeah, we get other pollen, too, but pine pollen is the worst. You can actually see yellow powder all over the sidewalks, cars, buildings… your shoes.

download (2)

And for someone like me, who has severe allergies, it can make me the equivalent of sick. I try my best to stay indoors and wash out my hair twice a day. That’s right. I’m confident that pine pollen is in my hair. Everything itches, too. So in case you’re living/visiting in Georgia, or your area has these pollen problems, too, here are a few tips to get through it:

DON’T OPEN THE WINDOW. Yeah, it’s pretty outside, and you can even save some energy and turn off your air conditioning if you just open the wind– NO. Don’t do it. I promise if you do, your walls will be yellow by the end of the day. Not even kidding.

Stay inside. Now is just not a good time to lay out to tan. Not that I would ever do that, but seriously. Don’t eat out on the patio. Don’t decide to climb Stone Mountain. Just wait until May.

Pick an antihistamine. Since I’m going to assume you’re not like me (and I don’t want you to blame me when you stop breathing), you should probably only use one at a time. Zyrtec and Claritin are good if you want to stay awake.

I mean, if you can find some.

I mean, if you can find some.

Shower. Shower often. Wash all the pollen off of you before you take a benadryl so that you can sleep through the night.

This isn't art. It's pollen being washed away.

This isn’t art. It’s pollen being washed away.

Febreze. Wait, what? I discovered years ago that Febreze has an anti-allergen spray. You wouldn’t think it works, but I swear it does. They took it off the shelves for awhile, but it’s BACK. Get it, and soak your carpets and furniture in it.

Clean yo’ house. Vacuum. Dust. You’ll notice that despite your best efforts to keep your home pollen-free, that yellow dust somehow made its way in and has been chillin’ on your bookshelf, just waiting for you to breathe it in.

Check the pollen count. If you are considering having some outdoor plans, check the pollen count. If it’s high, you should reschedule, or move them to indoors. Sucks, but would you have fun with a snotty face?

download (1)

Close the air vents in your car. I mean, unless you want your car to blow pollen from outside straight into your face.

Just a little bit of pollen.

Just a little bit of pollen.

Assure everyone around you that you’re not actually sick. People are still paranoid about getting the flu and stuff, so just shrug and say “Allergies.” They’ll be more understanding when you show up to work with several boxes of kleenex.



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Weekly Wrap-Up: A&J Wedding

Monday, we meet again. Why is it that you seem to frequently be rainy? Whatever, you can rain lots and wash all this pine pollen away. I have high hopes for this week, despite a few anxieties, and I’m determined to be in a good mood. Even though that’s not really how it works.

The Rachael Way

Friday was super duper productive day. I got a lot of stuff done with the blog, with the AAMB blog, and around the house. And then Tim came home and we ate barbecue and I watched like, all the TV. Can I just say that time where I don’t have to do anything is amazing? I freaking need it these days.

Saturday we went to my cousin, Alan’s wedding. It was gorrrgeous at this ridiculously amazing house in Calhoun. I want to live there. It’s that amazing. I made Tim take a lot of selfies with me, because we were dressed up, but he totally did not want to take them and for some reason that’s slightly entertaining for me. LOVE YOU, TIM.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

But Candence was totally up for taking selfies.


Finley had a lot of fun running around the yard. Or rather, watching us run around the yard. Seriously, every time Tim started running she laughed so hard. So cute.

I'm shamelessly stealing this from Candence because my husband is in it and I have to show you the cuteness.

I’m shamelessly stealing this from Candence because my husband is in it and I have to show you the cuteness.

Sunday, I finished the Divergent series. I was worried when I started it, because so many people said the third book was awful. But I don’t think it was terrible. I think it just didn’t end the way people wanted it to. We went to Mellow Mushroom, which is kind of like our weekly thing. But they’re renovating the place and I don’t like chaaaange! Just kidding, it looks really good. We didn’t really do anything besides get some work done. I know, we are so exciting. Maybe I can be a crazy party girl next weekend.

Hope your weekend was wonderful!

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