November Favorites


It’s hard to believe we’re closing in on the end of this month… My favorite month of the year! It’s my birthday month as well as Thanksgiving!

Makeup | I’ve really loved Laura Gellar’s blush in Mauve Mocha Latte. I actually was given this by a friend when she was throwing out a bunch of makeup, and it’s been a great fall color. I also treated myself to a MAC lipstick this month, and picked up the shade Rebel. It’s a great berry color. And last, I’ve been using my shadow and crease Crown Brush frequently. It’s nice to have one tool that can do almost everything for my eye shadow when I’m in a rush.

Games | Tim gave me Little Big Planet 3 for my birthday, and I’ve already had so much fun playing it! I can’t wait to play it during the holiday weekend. On the phone, I’ve been playing Kitchen Scramble. That’s random, I know.

TV | I’ve been looking forward to every single episode of Parenthood, but it’s now on a break until January. I’m going to be really sad when it’s over, and I’m sure the finale will make me cry. In the meantime, I’m finishing up Chuck on Netflix.

Post | 28 Things I Learned by 28. A few more personal things that I’ve encountered over the years. Also, birthday.

Blog | I’m loving Rebekah’s rebrand of her blog as The Straight Arrow. She’s done a great job with her redesign, and she’s rocking the content lately.

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Blogger Men Tell All: November


“BRB, headed to the future!” Tim with Soylent, his Tesla key, and Oculus goggles.

1. What food do you look forward to most at Thanksgiving dinner?
Stuffing! I’m weird and like it with vinegar. I like acidic tastes and I like bread. Stuffing combines the two!

2. Do you ever go shopping on Black Friday?
I did once. Never again. People are nasty! I’d much rather do it online. I’m only looking for a few things anyways, so it doesn’t make sense to waste all night hanging outside a store just to save a few dollars. I can better spend my time elsewhere.

3. What’s your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?
Probably just the food. It’s why I like places like Boston Market. Thanksgiving food is the best!

4. Do you travel for the Thanksgiving holiday, or do you stay close to home?
My parents are up in New Hampshire and Becca’s parents are down here. So, we switch the winter holidays out each year. This year is down in Georgia and Christmas is up in New Hampshire. Next year will be Thanksgiving in NH and Christmas down here.
Wife’s note: #Teslaroadtrip!

5. What are you most thankful for this year?
That the number of these 5 question emails you send me seems to have gone down :P
Wife’s note: Ummm, no, it’s still once per month. Silly.

Becoming Adorrable

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You’re living in CHINA now! What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve encountered so far?
The food!! Unfortunately I have serious trust issues with the meat here, hehe.  Overall, though, the transition has been much easier than I expected and I really love it here.

What’s your favorite thing about teaching?
Being able to go to work everyday and feel challenged, fulfilled, and like I made a difference.  This really is the best job ever.

Where was the best vacation or trip you’ve ever been on?
To be honest, I loveeeeeddddd visiting Scotland when I was a young tot (aka, the summer before my freshman year of High School.  I went with Girl Scouts! Boo-ya!)  I would love to go back and visit now that I’m older and can probably appreciate it more.

You have $300 to blow at Sephora. What do you get?
First I would hope this was an American Sephora so I could shop all my faves (yes, the ones in China don’t see everything…). I would first get some more eyeliner and foundation, because I’m running low. Then I would buy all the lipsticks, because I’m a lipstick addict.  Ugh, now I want to go to Sephora.

The Best Netflix Binges

While I’ve blogged about my favorite Netflix shows before, Netflix is frequently adding and removing (sad face) shows. So, because people frequently ask me what their next Netflix binge should be, I thought I’d update it a little.

Here are my current top Netflix binges, all of which have concluded:

The 4400


In this series, a group of 4400 people are randomly deposited. Each of these people had disappeared at various times starting from 1946. None of them have aged since their disappearance, and none of them remember anything during the time they were gone. This show was like Heroes and Resurrection combined. There are 44 episodes of this, spread out among four seasons.

Buffy, then Angel


You probably already know that Buffy is a vampire slayer, and the first part of the series takes place in high school. She’s helped by a Watcher, who trains and guides her. Its spin-off, Angel, follows a vampire whose human soul was restored to him. You have to watch both. The two are a little difficult to watch together, since they overlap, but they didn’t air at the same times, so you’ll want to use a watching guide to know what to watch when. There are 144 episodes of Buffy (7 seasons) and 110 episodes of Angel (5 seasons).



An average computer whiz named Chuck receives the only remaining copy of a software program containing the United States’ spy secrets embedded into his brain. As a result, Chuck is recruited to assist on CIA and NSA missions. This is 91 episodes (5 seasons) long.

Desperate Housewives

desperate housewives

This show is narrated by a woman who committed suicide in the first episode, and follows the lives of a group of women who all live on the same street (Wisteria Lane). This one was really popular, with 180 episodes (8 seasons).



You’ve probably heard of this one if you haven’t already watched it. It’s basically about a serial killer who kills other serial killers. He’s trying to be one of the good guys. You get 8 seasons (96 episodes) of this awesomeness.

Ghost Whisperer


 Who doesn’t love Jennifer Love Hewitt? In this series, she sees dead people. She spends the majority of her time helping ghosts solve their problems and guides them into the light, leaving you wondering how she can possibly run a successful business all on her own. This was canceled after 5 long seasons (170 episodes).

Gilmore Girls


It was big news when Lorelai and Rory were finally on Netflix! If you haven’t caught reruns before (HOW?), this series is about a single mother and her daughter, with a small sixteen year age difference, in Connecticut. It’s fast paced and filled with so many pop culture references, that when they finally make a joke about something you understand, you’ll get really excited. And you’ll be googling everything else. It’s a great show to watch to prepare for weekly trivia, actually. This series ended way too soon after 7 seasons (153 episodes).

Gossip Girl


Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite. Basically, the series follows a bunch of really rich kids who can’t seem to do anything except create drama and scandal. #ChuckandBlairforever. There are 121 episodes (6 seasons).



This is all about some college kids in their school’s Greek system. While the main characters are Rusty and Casey Cartwright, you’ll love Cappie the most. Just trust me. There were four seasons (74 episodes) of this ABC Family show.



Ordinary people discover superhuman abilities. This one was so popular that a miniseries is airing next year (five years after Heroes finished airing). I suggest you binge-watch this one now to prepare! You only have 77 episodes (4 seasons) to watch.



Liz befriends a bunch of aliens. But that’s not the most important part of this show. If you love the year 1999 and the early 2000s, you’ll love this show. Also, Sheri Appleby is awesome. Katherine Heigl is in it, too. There are 61 episodes in three seasons of this brilliant show.



Zach Braff. Need I say more? It’s funny, it’s awesome, and you won’t want to stop watching… Until the last season. You can skip that one if you want to. There are 9 seasons total (182 episodes).



Two brothers hunt demons, ghosts, monsters, etc. It’s still airing, and has been renewed for a tenth season. Now’s as good a time as any to catch up!

That ’70s Show

that 70s show

Watch a bunch of teenagers in Wisconsin live their lives in 1976-1979. Also, a lot of famous people started here. 8 seasons (200 episodes) will keep you going for awhile.

Ugly Betty


Betty, who is good hearted, but naive and lacking in fashion, lands a job at a high fashion magazine. 4 seasons (85 episodes) long, you’ll be missing Betty when she’s gone.



A recently widowed mother begins selling marijuana to support her family. As you can imagine, participating in illegal activities can cause a lot of drama. This will keep you watching with 8 seasons (102 episodes).

What have your favorite Netflix binges been? Let me know in the comments below!