What I Learned at Music Midtown

I got lucky.

Nicole had an extra ticket to Music Midtown, an annual music festival in Atlanta (Piedmont Park, to be exact), and she was nice enough to let me tag along. This may or may not shock you, but large crowds of people aren’t usually my thing. Also, I’m not typically a fan of musicians, but rather, certain songs (and it’s not just stuff you hear on the radio, either). Butch Walker would probably be the exception. However, I can appreciate a good show, and I had confidence that I’d have fun with a great friend.

2014-09-20 16.09.15 HDR

It was difficult to pick between the shows, but we made our choices and I think we made the right decisions:

Iggy Azalea (for a minute)
Lorde (for a minute)
Jack White
Third Eye Blind
B.o.B. (for a minute)
Fitz and the Tantrums
Lana del Ray

music midtown 2014 fitz and the tantrums

By far, Fitz and the Tantrums was my favorite. They put on such a good show! I was a little hesitant to see Jack White instead of John Mayer  (I had a John Mayer hater with me), but Jack White put on an awesome show, too.

This whole experience was new for me. Obviously, someone like Helene would be able to tell you exactly what to do at, where/bring to a music festival, but I figured I could share what my n00b, crowd-hating self learned at Music Midtown anyway!

Closed toe shoes are a good idea. I know wearing strappy sandals are the thing to do, but with the amount of traffic in the park, if there is any moisture on the ground (and I hear the lack of available bathrooms made this an issue last year), it will get really gross really quickly. Do you really want all that squishing in between your toes? I don’t. I wore Toms.

If your hair is really long, you should keep it to yourself. Because the crowd is a little close together and if you flip it around while you’re dancing or trying to cool off your neck, it will end up in someone’s mouth, and I can’t guarantee that person won’t be disgusting.

Bring your own toilet paper. Just go ahead and stuff it in whatever bag you managed to bring (you should bring a bag), and save it for later when there’s no more in the porta potties. I know you want to make friends while you’re in line, but don’t share it. You’ll need it.

For goodness’ sake, wear cotton. It will absorb the sweat better than your bandeau bra. But hey, if looking like a ’90s flower child is more important than comfort, by all means…

It’s cool if you want to sit on the ground, but there are a few things you shouldn’t put on the ground. Mostly your hands, your phone, your full drink, your nachos, and your purse. Because all of those things will be stepped on and the person who did it will not only feel like a jerk, but have nacho cheese between their toes because they didn’t follow my first piece of advice.

You might want to meet up with your friends, but you won’t be able to send a text. Or a snapchat. Or instagram. Because there are too many people in one place trying to do all of those things. This is also the reason that I took a wrong turn while trying to walk home and ended up near Georgia Tech instead. Whoooops. Good thing I have a Tim to call.

Have you ever been to a music festival? Tell me if you had the same kind of experiences I did!

3 Days til Fall


Despite what my Facebook news feed says, Fall hasn’t yet begun. Autumn officially arrives Monday, September 22 this year. Although, with the way the weather’s looking now, there’s no way it will feel like Fall on Monday (I’ll be happily surprised if I’m wrong). I mean, the high today is 83°F! That’s still summer weather, if you ask me.

I’m not hating it though. Today and tomorrow I’ll be hanging out at Piedmont Park for Music Midtown, and the warm but under 100° weather will be perfect.

With only 3 days til the best of the four seasons, I thought I’d list out what I love about fall, as if these things aren’t already obvious.

That Weather, Though

Any time it’s not boiling hot or freezing (and by that I mean below 40°) is a good time in Georgia. Really, we don’t even have winter coats. But temporarily, I can stop sweating and put on a comfy hoodie.

The Boots

No fur. Yes, we are all obsessed with wearing boots in the fall. I’m still searching for either black or dark gray ones, so if you have a good recommendation for some that don’t look weird, send it my way.


I actually don’t like the taste of pumpkin that much. That’s right, no PSL for me. I’ll eat a pumpkin pie (or the mini pumpkin creme brulee Tim made last year, which I’m secretly hoping he wants to make again this year)  or something, but I’m not obsessed. I do, however, really enjoy sticking some pumpkins on my front porch, and decorating or carving them.


Just Fins hanging out at the pumpkin patch.



Because who doesn’t love an excuse to stuff their face full of homemade macaroni and cheese?


Corn Mazes

Confession: last year was my first year ever going to a corn maze, and it won’t be my last. But I will never do it alone because I have the worst sense of direction ever. Seriously, I’d end up sending my location to Tim via Glympse to come find and rescue me. But when I was not leading the way, it was really fun!


The Leaves

They literally fall, y’all. This means that everything’s pretty and colorful, and it also starts to fall and certain trees don’t obstruct my view when I’m driving home on a certain street.

My Birthday

Oh, yeah, that happens in the fall, too. I get older.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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What I Need to Be Productive

We all have those days that are just duds. Usually Mondays, right? If things aren’t perfectly balanced, I have a tendency to get nothing done (unless I have a lot of pressure to get something done, of course).

So, just for fun, here’s what I need to be productive:

2014-09-17 16.21.27

A pretty, clean desk | If my desk is messy and isn’t visually appealing, I can’t get anything done. I get too distracted by all the stuff around me. The first thing I do is clean it off, if it’s not already clean.

Hello, Atlanta Sun!

Hello, Atlanta Sun!

Sunshine | The sun, and lack thereof, greatly affects my mood. I try to get a lot done while the sun is shining, as I know if it’s cloudy or rainy I’m going to be much less productive.

Up to date technology | I can’t deal without having a nice laptop. I’ve never been able to deal, even before I started blogging.

2014-09-17 16.20.20 HDR

Caffeine | I’m not kidding.

Ghost Whisperer!

Ghost Whisperer!

TV in the background | Yes, I do half-watch certain kinds of shows. I obviously can’t do this with Game of Thrones (because three episodes later I’m just confused), but I can do it with sitcoms and family dramas and such. I am by nature a multitasker, so I do this while I work.

day designer

Pretty office supplies | A nice notebook, some Le Pens, and stuff like that. I’m surprised at how much paper I use, but I’ve always had a tendency to do better with handwritten ideas.

A to do list | No online calendars for me. I do sync it with google calendar, but for the most part, I use my Day Designer.

The ability to swivel | If my chair was stationary, I would get restless and unhappy.

How about you? Do you require coffee, wine, or something else?